Our Approach

For many, public speaking can be about as calming as a nightmare where you're forced to take a final for a class you've never attended.

That is the bad news.

Here's the worse news: whether it's for a sales pitch, presenting a report to the Board, conducting an orientation for interns, talking in front of the PTA, or making a speech for a wedding, we are all increasingly called upon to confront this fear of public speaking. 

Here's the good news: the muse that will help you succeed is the one you already have. It's you. You're a professional. You're an expert. You're a person with stories. Successful public speaking is about activating the interesting person you are and putting it into the speech that you make. Anyone can do it. And everyone who does it well succeeds it their own unique way.

How do we do it?

Play.  Play fast.  Play furiously.  

After an initial assessment, MUSE will tailor-make a series of sessions that cultivates the strengths you already have and improves the  weaknesses you want to fix.  In a fun, safe, environment of constructive feedback, we will give you the speaking skills you need to succeed as a public speaker. You will walk away with a polished presentation ready for an audience. 

Weekend play workshop in Houston. In this moment, we are working on body language.  Much fun was had. 

Weekend play workshop in Houston. In this moment, we are working on body language.  Much fun was had. 

Our exercises will work on technical skills like physical and verbal expression, room dynamics, articulation, eye contact, and storytelling. Another set of exercises will focus on tapping into your own innate sense of creativity, and finding your personal approach to the audience. Our techniques will help you find that authentic YOU that engages with audience, that talks in public like it talks to a friend, that is hungry for interaction.  

We will turn your public speech from a "test" you think you need to pass into a gift you can't wait to give.  

"Yeah, but how do you actually do it?" 

Great question! You can learn more about the structure of our public speaking training classes below. 

MUSE Training Cycle

Each series of public speaking classes is custom-built to a your needs and goals, but the training cycles have a typical flow: 

  1. "Let's see where you are" - Initial assessment and evaluation (free of cost)
  2. "Let's see what you've already got"  - Identify key words, concepts, images, and stories
  3.  "Workout time" - Organize ideas into a coherent speech and speaking skills workouts
  4. "Putting it all together" - Rehearsal and notes
  5. "Showtime!" -  Tweaks and final performance