Public Speaking: SOLO

The fundamental work of the SOLO public speaking workshop comes in two parts. First, we conduct an assessment of your goals, strengths, and challenges. Then, in our public speaking workshop series , we use hands-on exercises and immediate feedback to develop those areas.


A public speaking lesson package will consist of a series of 45-minute sessions that work on two fundamental areas: technical skills and individual creativity. Through playful exercises that build technical skills such as body language, poise, vocal expression, and speech construction, we will find the public speaking persona that best fits your style, your audience, and your stories.

The goal is to craft a dynamic, natural version of you that thrives in that most unnatural of settings: public speaking. We will work from general to specific, so that by the end you have a well-crafted, rehearsed public speech on the topic of your choosing.

The sessions will involve a lot of hands-on work, a lot of fun, and a lot of self-discovery. Once you like the person making the speech, so will everyone else.


Key Performance Play: Group Work

For organizations looking to have some fun and grow the public speaking skill set of a group of employees, we offer the Key Performance Play Group workshop. The same skills and development mentioned above will be covered, but in a more abbreviated group setting.

The emphasis here will be on exploring the challenges and dynamics of public speaking in a safe environment, helping the group to work as a team, and finding a common language and sense of play. Sessions can be one-to-three hours and can be one-off or in a series, depending on interest and need. 


Public Speaking E/R

For those with a deadline just around the corner, MUSE offers a third option, the Public Speaking Emergency Room. Here, we will work specifically on fine-tuning that speech you have to make in a one-off session.