one-on-one coaching

Public speaking can be scary, but here’s some good news: the muse that will help you succeed is the one you already have. It's YOU.

You're a professional. You're an expert. You're a person with stories. Successful public speaking is about activating the interesting person you are and putting it into the speech that you make. Anyone can do it. And everyone who does it well succeeds it their own unique way.

Working with MUSE was fun, hugely rewarding and a wonderful experience on many levels. I truly feel that I grew, not just as a public speaker but as a person. Thank you!
— Susan Weiss, Senior Vice President, FGI Design


After a free initial assessment, MUSE will tailor-make a series of sessions that cultivates the strengths you already have and improves the weaknesses you want to fix.

In a fun, safe, environment of constructive feedback, we will give you the speaking skills you need to succeed as a public speaker. You will walk away with a polished presentation ready for an audience.

A public speaking lesson package will consist of a series of 45-minute sessions that work on two fundamental areas: technical skills and individual creativity.

Through playful exercises that build technical skills such as body language, room dynamics, poise, vocal expression, storytelling, and speech construction, we will find the public speaking persona that best fits your style, your audience, and your goals.

Alex’s inspiring vision of what public speaking can be, and his vast store of practical hands-on tips and strategies, provide his students with the tools to create presentations that are informative, engaging and hilarious.
— Phil Weitzman, Senior Trainer, NYC Government

Our techniques will help you find that authentic YOU that engages with audience, turning your public speech from a "test" you think you need to pass into a gift you can't wait to give.

The sessions will involve a lot of hands-on work, a lot of fun, and a lot of self-discovery. Once you like the person making the speech, so will everyone else.