Group Workshops

For organizations looking to have some fun and grow the public speaking skill set of a group of employees, we offer the Key Performance Play Group workshop.

Working together, the group will explore physical and vocal expression, composition, room dynamics, storytelling, and speech construction.

Despite our already expressive and collaborative company culture, it was incredible to see everyone pushed past their public-speaking insecurities and out of their shells. Some said it was the most fun they’ve ever had at work. Highly recommended for all teams & companies!
— Shana Weiss, Project Manager - Real Estate Arts

The emphasis in group work is on exploring the challenges and dynamics of public speaking in a safe environment, where we develop a common vocabulary and attitude of constructive feedback.

Teams get a chance to grow together in new ways and learn new things about each other. Sessions can be one-to-three hours and can be one-off or in a series, depending on interest and need.

His smart and engaging approach got everyone to talk, leading to conversations I’d been wanting to take place for years without being able to make it happen on my own. I had so much fun and learned so many practical and highly specific take-aways that directly affect my bottom-line that even a frugal, value-for-money economist completes a session with Alex and wants to pay more!
— Nathan Berg, Ph.D., Economist, Research Scientist and Fulbright Scholar