About Alex Kipp, Lead MUSE Pedagogue

Alex Kipp

For the last seventeen years, I have straddled the worlds of Theater and Government, using my performance skills to make captivating entertaining speeches out of dry (but important) subject matter.  Additionally, I have taught theater, public speaking, and improv across the nation and internationally.

My theatrical approach to public speaking makes our sessions at MUSE both rigorous and fun, with an eye for cultivating your unique style. My experience in hundreds of non-theater, formal, high-stakes environments will help you craft your personal style into something that is engaging and appropriate to the business environment you serve.   You will learn a set of tools you can use for the rest of your life. 

I have eighteen years of public speaking experience in a vast portfolio:  the International Development Law Organization in Cairo, the UN, New York Law School, the Council on Governmental Ethics Laws, Frito-Lay, the Asian American Bar Association of New York City, the Practising Law Institute,  and almost every agency of New York City Government.  I have taught public speaking, improvisation, theater, and acting at Wharton, the University of Kansas, Hunter College, ComedySportz, the Hua Mao Multicultural Academy in China, HB Studios, Inwood House, and for multiple theater companies. 

Additionally, I trained with some of the greatest theater teachers in the world (Jacques Lecoq, Armando Diaz, Bob Berky, Philippe Gaulier, Adam Wade); and I have made original, improvisationally-created shows all over the world with some of best people working today.

A Litte More about Alex

Like many who studied theater, after college I found myself working a variety of jobs to make ends meet while continuing my creative work.  

Eventually, I found areas where I could use my performance skills in informal education contexts. I performed in multiple professional improv shows on a weekly basis.  At corporate retreats I taught improv, creativity, and communication skills to members of businesses and executive teams. There, I learned to playfully hone-in on individuals' quirks and qualities in order to give them a sense of ease and joy in performing.  

At the same time, I was hired at a local immersive science museum, Science City at Union Station, to play a fictional “Science Citizen,” interacting with visitors and conducting science demonstration shows which I wrote & developed. This experience taught me a lot about how to keep an audience engaged while staying on point with specific content. Most of all, it taught me that I had to take risks and be vulnerable if I wanted to connect. 

I then moved to NYC, where I worked on countless original pieces in dozens of venues. Soon after, the City of New York was looking for a compliance trainer; someone to take very dry statutes and turn them into a compelling hour (or three) of content.  I was hired.  In no time I was speaking hundreds of times per year to audiences of every size and shape.  

A few years later,  I became the director of the program. I now have multiple trainers working for me, speaking hundreds of times per year, writing articles, running social media campaigns, and in general having a great time. All trainers are hired and trained by me. We have the reputation for being the best in the business.

If you're ready to have some fun and develop some serious skills, contact MUSE today.