What People Say about MUSE

Simply put, I could not have pulled off officiating at my cousin’s wedding without Alex. I started out as a true novice, without any experience in public speaking, and at the end of our sessions together I felt practiced, capable and ready. After the ceremony, so many people came up to me and praised my performance and content. Alex’s creative ideas, insightful observations, great advice and positive spirit made all the difference in the world, and I’m so grateful for his exceptional intelligence, guidance and outstanding techniques. He was encouraging, reassuring and supportive throughout our entire process, as well as focused on those aspects of my presentation that made it personal and colorful.

Working with Alex was fun, hugely rewarding and a wonderful experience on many levels. I truly feel that I grew, not just as a public speaker but as a person. Thank you Alex!
— Susan Weiss, Senior Vice President, FGI Design
Do you like making a room full of people laugh while teaching them something important? Being thanked effusively more or less every time you speak in front of a group? Being approached on the street by someone who still fondly remembers a presentation you conducted years ago? I can personally attest that everyone who works under Alex’s tutelage gets used to these kinds of experiences.

Alex approaches public speaking like the art that it is. There are no arbitrary-seeming guidelines about how to hold your arms, where to look, or what to say – the only rule is to be yourself. Alex’s inspiring vision of what public speaking can be, and his vast store of practical hands-on tips and strategies, provide his students with the tools to create presentations that are informative, engaging and hilarious. Thanks Alex!
— Phil Weitzman, Senior Trainer, NYC Government
Alex Kipp delivered hit all KPIS as measured by the benefit-cost metrics that economists such as myself use everyday. But then his acting-based approach to delivering expert advice blew me away, delivering far more than my narrow metrics would have normally been able to measure. I had fun! I got the expertise I paid for!

His smart and engaging approach got everyone to talk, leading to conversations I’d been wanting to take place for years without being able to make it happen on my own. I had so much fun and learned so many practical and highly specific take-aways that directly affect my bottom-line that even a frugal, value-for-money economist completes a session with Alex and wants to pay more!

It’s hard to admit feeling that way. As someone who has contracted for and actively participated in 100s of hours of seminars, workshops and retreats with outside consultants, I give Alex my most sincere, stellar rating possible. Interact with Alex for an hour, or get your workgroup to do so, and you’ll see what I mean.
— Nathan Berg, Ph.D., Economist, Research Scientist and Fulbright Scholar
We found Alex for presentation coaching as a part of a company initiative to foster our employee’s skills and development. Alex encouraged us to have the whole agency participate, regardless of their role. I couldn’t be happier that we chose to work with him and structured the sessions as he recommended. The workshops were fun, informative, and the best team bonding experience we’ve ever had. Despite our already expressive and collaborative company culture, it was incredible to see everyone pushed past their public-speaking insecurities and out of their shells. Some said it was the most fun they’ve ever had at work. Highly recommended for all teams & companies!
— Shana Weiss, Project Manager - Real Estate Arts
I am the artistic director of a multi-award winning Irish theatre company and my work has travelled all over the world and received excellent critical and popular support.

My professional relationship with Alex began over fifteen years ago when I was the Development Manager of the Hawks Well Theatre in Sligo, a regional arts hub on the west coast of Ireland. I booked Alex’s company to bring a show over from New York and also booked him to lead a series of theatre workshops aimed at the general public. His amazing work with these students - in many cases non-performers of all ages and backgrounds - showed how his grasp of technique and interpersonal skills could bring out a person’s creative potential and help them access a source of creativity, power, and confidence that was often hidden even to themselves. Like many great teachers, Alex’s technique was to teach through play, and his firmly guided but playful approach brought the students into a more present state, allowed each to more confidently explore their own potential as performers, and opened for each their own individual voyage of creativity.

In 2013 my company received a major grant from the Arts Council of Ireland to create “The Cabaret Oublié,” a new theater show in the European theatre-clown tradition. I knew that this show would be an exploration of creative chaos and would use the skills and virtuosity of the individual performers as the main focus and creative drive for the work. I immediately thought of Alex as a perfect fit for this project and I was right. His work with the performers, all extremely skilled artists who had worked at the highest level (including with Cirque du Soleil) brought out the fullest creative potential in each one; and his approach, which began with the simplest of games and worked all the way to masterfully exploiting the performers’ spirit of creativity, fun, and engagement with the audience, is some of the best work in this area that I have ever seen.

I can think of no one better than Alex to unlock a person’s fullest creative potential, grow their public confidence, teach them to engage an audience, encourage them to explore the pleasure of performing, and inspire them to begin their own individual voyage of creative discovery.

And furthermore, given his open disposition, sharp wit, and keen sense of humour, I guarantee that throughout this process he will make them laugh. A lot.
— Jaimie Carswell, Director Company Cirque de Légume